Excerpt from "Price of Freedom" role-playing game.

If you chose to WAIT and hope that rations come soon:      

Unfortunately a key rail line was destroyed delaying food for 2 more days. Your lack of food has weakened your immune system.[1] Because of this, you’ve come down with a high fever and some pretty nasty skin lesions. The camp doctor says it could be measles.                
Subtract 3 Health Points
(Less than 10 Health Points by the end of the game/war results in the death of your soldier. This is one of 7 stops in the game)


If you chose to RAID the farmer's crop:

 Since luck is sometimes involved in determining a soldier's fate, spin to see what happens!
(Since there is no spinner here online, please pick number between 1 and 6).

Then click here.


[1] Symptoms of starvation: http://health.howstuffworks.com/diseases-conditions/death-dying/live-without-food-and-water1.htm