Spin 1-2                   

Tragically, the farmer sees you stealing his corn, and without a thought, he shoots you in the leg!
Subtract 3 Health Points

Spin 3-4                   

Oh no! Old man farmer has his shot gun and marches you back to your commanding General. For punishment, your head is shaved and you are hanged by your hands to a tree while being whipped 39 times.
Subtract 2 Health Points AND 4 Morale Points

Spin 5-6

 You gather all the corn you can carry and make a clean get-away. It looks like you're going to have a delicious meal tonight and your spirits are up!
Add 2 Health Points AND 2 Morale Points

Losing more than 10 Health Points before the end of the game results in death for your soldiers. Losing more than 10 Morale Points before the end of the game results in insanity for your soldier. This is one of 7 stops in the game.



[1] This punishment was witnessed by Sam Watkins and narrated in Co. Aytch  p.56