Fight For Your Rights

Atlanta History Center

Essential Questions:
Do you have what it takes to be a Freedom Fighter?
What are the ingredients for social change to occur?

This a field trip program that includes 3 separate Civil Rights Era simulations designed to test students' character and stamina to create non-violent social change. 

It is a two-hour program designed for students in grades 2-12 that takes place in various appropriated spaces within the museum (but not within any exhibit spaces)

How Does It Work?
This program puts interpreters to work as actors, giving teachers the responsibility of being "Time Travel Captains" who lead students from one simulation to the next. Before each simulation, the captains read a script to their students that sets the scene and provides historical context. A teachers special time-travel goggles allow give the powers to enter each scene. Giving teachers and chaperones a role to play keeps them involved in the educational process more than in a typical field trip. 

Role-play and racism:
Because learning about racism through role-play can be executed irresponsibly, this program requires that special attention be paid to supporting students emotionally. Students "opt in" to each simulation voluntarily by wearing a wrist band. They may opt out at any time. Each simulation ends with a participatory dialogue session to draw out differences between simulation and real life, as well as to discuss emotions felt by students. The dialogue is often the most revelatory part of each simulation.