Andrea Jones

I am an educator with 16 years of experience engaging learners. Starting as a high school social studies teacher I  followed my interests in experiential education to a career in museum education. At the Atlanta History Center,
I  was part of an award-winning team that created a new framework for a more immersive visitor experience.

As Director of Programs and Visitor Engagement at Accokeek Foundation, I spearheaded an effort re-write our mission and to re-interpret colonial history using the lens of environmental sustainability. The American Alliance of Museums awarded my team the first ever award for "Innovation in Museum Education" (2016) for an interdisciplinary, role-playing adventure for school children called "Eco-Explorers: Colonial Time Warp."

In my latest venture, I've taken a dive into the "gig economy" by bringing my expertise in experience-driven education to a world beyond the walls of one institution.

Peak Experience Lab is my outlet for creative projects
(both freelance and personal) and a way to stay connected
to the latest innovations in informal learning. 

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